May 2020

Hello fellow WAGGERS,

Hard to believe we have entered the month of May and our second month of preparing for a Zoom meeting. How things have changed. It has been fun watching Facebook to see all the cute pictures of our dogs missing their visits. Seeing how the dogs are posing for the  pics lets me know you are still working with them on their good behaviors. I hope you have had an opportunity to watch some of the Catch of the Day dog training videos and the ones that Cheryl Keely and Linda Laun  have posted on our members only section of the website.

We still do not have a timeline as to when we can have in person meetings and begin visits. Once we get a clearer picture we will know how to move forward with Express Renewals and regular evaluations. More than likely things will look a bit different.

Some members of the evaluator committee have practiced with Zoom along with Linda Carden guiding us. We plan to have our first Zoom 101 Class on Thursday May 7th. Thankfully, we have a small group to practice this for the first time.

I imagine most of us are beginning to have some feelings of “cabin fever” by now. Hopefully staying active with our pet/pets will help us continue to weather the unusual times we are experiencing.

Looking forward to seeing all at the Zoom membership meeting on Saturday May 9th.

Please stay safe.

Dottie Chapman

Lead evaluator