September 2020


Hello Waggers!
Hard to believe it has been 7 months since we have been able to meet in person. We had some successful meetups in the parks. We are hopeful to continue  when the weather is cooler.

For the past month we have been diligently working on getting the Express Renewal Lights (ERL) set up and ready to test the teams that were expiring this year and wished to participate.

Those who were interested received an email asking them to pick either Oct 3 or Oct 17 or if either works to let us know so we can get the schedule set. One term that may have been confusing was the word “pod”. Think of that as a room. Just like when we would set up 2 rooms in Saints Hall at the church for testing.

Be on the look out for another email with links to watch a video or two of the ERL. It will include some pointers to have a successful ERL.

Our goal for ERL is to make sure you and your pet ambassador are still working well as a team. That they can follow directions from you and be well behaved.

All the new sanitation guidelines are NEW and AWKWARD for all of us. We will guide you through these exercises to help you feel more comfortable.

Remember living in COVID-19 times is new and unusual for all of us. As more knowledge becomes available guidelines may probably change. Many guidelines for your future visits will be determined by the facility you visit and their protocols for safe pet therapy visits that will need to be approved by our WAGS Covid-19 committee.

While we know you will be nervous, please try as hard not to be.  It is not our objective to try and trick anyone, or to fail any team.  We want to make sure that you are aware that there are new sanitation guidelines and have a basic understanding of what they are.  You will be allowed to have them written down and bring them to the ERL with you.  As for when and how to precisely implement them, that we will help you with.  The particular guidelines put out by the CDC as well as the ones for each facility may be different by the time you actually visit than they are currently; however, we are looking to see that you are aware that there are changes from the way that visits used to take place and that together as a team you can work together midst these changes.