By The WAY
Airport teams are visiting again.  The visits there have always been rewarding but now more than ever as flight attendants and ticket agents are experiencing more and more stress and abuse.
Plus look for photos of the pets visiting at the airport on the airport website soon.
Baptist Hospital Louisville teams will be returning the week of Aug 23rd.  We will be visiting just with staff for now In the courtyard and on the special units, but hope to be returning to our usual visits soon.
My note to WAGS members:
I have never been prouder of the WAGS membership than I have in the past year + months.  When other volunteer organizations truly struggled and some completely succumbed to the side effects of Covid, its restrictions and lockdowns, WAGS volunteers stepped up and made sure that our work would persevere.  We have lost quite a few of our members during this time to illness, age and earning their wings and when we had our first inperson meeting faces and tails were sorely missed but there were also so many new faces and tails that I had never had the pleasure of meeting in person too.
Many of our committees took this unusual time to actually improve on the services we offer to both our membership and our community.  The facility chair and committee has completely reworked all facility and teams lists and reached out to each facility with updates and survey’s to see how we could serve them during this time.  Teams did drive by visits, wrote cards and stayed in touch with their facilities and clients.  We formed a whole new committee, “The Compassion Committee” to reach out to our own membership and help them through this time of isolation through their losses and illnesses and we can now see that this is something we will want to continue even after Covid as those who were impacted by this committee let us know who important it was to them during their stressful time.  The Evaluator committee used this time to completely revamp the evaluation process and put orientation and WAGS 101 online so that we could continue to prepare teams and have them ready to go when things opened up and we are able to hold standard evaluations again.  They also instituted Express Renewal Lite to keep teams current and on active status and ready to go at a moments notice.  I, personally, have also discovered that several of our members had secret talents previously unknown such as our President Micki Thomas can work miracles with a spreadsheet and our Secretary,  Jewel Quakenbush’s ability to host zoom meetings no matter the time of day or night.  Many of the committee’s have taken on so much more work that we have discovered that we needed to add more subcommittees to keep everything running.  In every instance someone in WAGs has stepped up.  Our 2 members at large Kathleen Duane and Buddy Cutler helped us stay sensitive to the needs of the membership by creating some wonderful surveys that helped us to understand and decide directions to move in. Each and every member played a part in keeping WAGS healthy and thriving during this time.
So yes,  I have never  been prouder of WAGS than I have been during this trying time.  So thank you to each and every member who had the patience and dedication to hand in there for all these months.  There are so many in our community that will benefit from that dedication to the work of WAGS.
Linda Laun