WAGS Expresses Our Sympathy to

Melanie Broughton

for her loss of Darcy

Hosparus says their goodbye

as well

in their Newsletter


Leonardo Living Large

FL469 Your wings were ready but our hearts were not2
poem Tribute Leo

A Dreamcatcher Release

Molly, MY Girl, I rescued you, but you

rescued me. You came from 

your past into a compassionate

realm of openness. You never, ever  shut anyone out.  Instead

you showed me the wonders of pet therapy.  Moods were miraculously

elevated by your loving presence.  I was told once that

I was blessed to have you,

and now it is your turn to be blessed;  dreams forever, no more delays,

no rain, no thunder, and belly rubs in the purest of snow.



See how She Loved Her Job


If you are a member who has suffered the loss of your beloved pet, contact the Web Manager in your account page. 

We want our membership to be able to sympathize with the impact of their absence.  We will post this loss for up to one year with your permission.

When you are ready PLEASE LOGIN to do this and let the membership know of your loss.  The Web Manager and you will design your notice together.