Becoming a Member

Understand Our Mission

Read and agree with the WAGS Mission Statement


Attending Your First Membership Meeting

We kindly ask you to leave your pet at home for your first membership meeting, so you might focus on our pet behavior expected in meetings.  See our dates for  Membership Meetings and Events .


Orientation Requirement

Guests who wish to join WAGS must attend a 1.5 hour Orientation Class-- either on Zoom or an in person meeting.  You can obtain the invitation by clicking and completing our Orientation Form

During the WAGS Orientation Class you will learn about:

  • The mission of  WAGS
  • The history of the organization
  • Expectations and responsibilities of membership
  • Helpful hints to certifying your pet
  • Your next steps to get involved
  • Connecting to present members

We Are More Than Just Membership!


  • we are developing friendships beyond our pets
  • we are taking on the challenges of  WAGS' extensive evaluation 
  • we are volunteering as a non-profit with a community focus
  • we are encouraging leadership training for TEAMS and volunteers