Mural painted by our members for Kerrick Elementary

Kerrick Elementary

Micki & Leo ~ Bringing Their Talents to Kerrick Elementary!


Micki Thomas met Nicole Joyner (Family Resource Coordinator at Kerrick and Eisenhower Elementary) when she requested WAGS visits for her schools.  Micki and her black doodle, Leo, became regular visitors to the school.   Micki was so impressed with the impact Nicole was having on the kids and how dedicated she was, and they quickly became friends.  At lunch one day, Micki asked her if there was anything at all that she could do for her besides bringing Leo to visit the students.  Nicole knew that Micki had some experience in facility renovation, interior staging, etc., and told her that she had just moved her FRC office to a new, bigger room, but that it was in need of organizing and sprucing up.

After seeing the space, Micki decided to do a mini-makeover.  She enlisted her long-time friends Michelle Wells and Jennifer Smith (who have worked with her on many reno projects), and set about redesigning the entire space. They added some much-needed storage, and sorted and reorganized the vast amounts of supplies that FRC's have to house and distribute to families.   After the space was finished, they decided that it needed a mural in the newly created seating area. Michelle is seated on the couch in front of the new design.

And then the goodness spread…. Nicole loved her new space, and the librarian Rachel saw it and contacted Micki.  She wanted to know what type of paint to use as she was inspired and wanted to attempt a mural for the library.   Micki told her that she would do one for her, too.  She asked Michelle to come back and help and also Gerrie Leppert, who was a new WAGS team member that had started visiting at Kerrick.  This time, Nicole helped with the painting and the four of them did the library mural.  WAGGERS – more than just people with great pets!