Is My Pet Able to do Therapy Work?


Are you considering if your pet is suited for therapy work?  It makes one ask, “Has your pet gone to  any classes or training to evaluate his/her personality?”  We should preface what the training community already knows about the temperament of animals training in therapy environments.  The best therapy pets have these innate characteristics:

  1. They adore people and care less for other animals but in any circumstance they love to meet new people (no one is a stranger!)
  2. They remain physically calm, without leaping, licking, pawing, pulling at the leash or jumping up on people.
  3. They are non-reactive and they feel secure in any environment (not aggressive or anxious)
  4. They are able to be very well groomed and healthy.
  5. They have a sense of working in a structured facility that might have unpredictable behavior by the occupants.