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Spring is here

Messages from Diane Atherton , Tami Harbolt, and Roslynn Curtis!


We are your Facility Coordinators. We have now divided facilities into three groups:

Non- Medical                  Medical              &    One-Time & Special Events.

Diane handles Non-Medical, Roslynn handles Medical and Tami is now handling One Time visits, Special Events, and Speaking Engagements.  We would like to express our gratitude for your dedicated service and commitment to the mission of WAGS this past year. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and hope that it is filled with many Blessings. Please review Sign up Genius for the many one time only opportunities in 2020.



Non-Medical Facilities Needing Teams

Select from one of these schools, libraries or adult day cares

    Non-medical list HERE

& Complete an Application FORM 


Medical Facilities Needing Teams

Choose a new medical facility from this available list


Facility List HERE

 & Complete this Application Form




Special/OneTime Events Needing Teams

Events Available for TEAMS

on Sign Up Genius

Sign Up Genius HERE

For more information

Airport Project Needing Teams

Available Times


Application Form 


For more Information:

Reporting your time is due by January 1, 2020

To get your personal TIME APP  email

To get instructions for

2019 Time  IPhone APP  / 2019 Android APP 

Next Meeting

February 8th 2020


Next Continuing Ed

Hands On Training

February 8th, 2020

Special Events Ahead

WAGS Award Banquet

Saturday March 7th 11am-2pm

The doors will open at 9:30 to allow for time to visit and get to know others.

The membership meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 330 N. Hubbards Lane. 

If you can come early to set up or stay late to help clean up, it would be greatly appreciated!


Continuing Ed for credit hours follows the meeting at

St. Matthews Episcopal Church

Hands on Pet Exercise

Santa pictures from the PotLuck

will be posted on Facebook

Clicker Expo 2020 is coming to Louisville!!

contact Kait Seyal

for more information on this

Next 101 Dates

March 14th 2020 (Day)

Feb 19th 2020 (Evening)

Next Evaluation Dates

April 11th, 2020 (Day)

March 25th, 2020 (Evening)

The Next WAGS Board meeting is

Saturday February 8th, 8 am

Everyone is invited to see the decision making process.  

Quarterly Messages from Our Leadership

From our President Patty Finley

Hello to everyone and Happy New Year.....



From Our Founder Linda Laun

Hello Fellow WAGGERS. The past 20 years in WAGS has made me so much more aware of the needs of a dog that is going to do pet therapy work that I could write a book, but for now, I will stick to this column. .....  Read More  




From our Evaluators

Tami Harbolt comments :

Therapy animals are not service animals!

Service animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act because they are trained to perform a task for their owner. ....READ MORE

Videos to share with you

Leadership and IT Volunteers Needed

Contact Jenny Pagni at

or fill out and submit this form HERE

Joining to Certification

Review the 9 Step process HERE.

WAGS Store

Your Working with WAGS Manual

can be ordered  HERE  and

picked up at the next meeting.