July 2021

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Quarterly Messages From Our Leadership







WAGS Gathering on June 12th

Next 101 Dates

 Our next virtual 101 TBA 

Next Evaluation Dates

ERL June 26th & June 27th

New Evaluation Aug 28th

The Next Special Event

Next WAGS Meet up 

  All About Covid Approved Facilities and Covid Approved Teams



    Messages from Jenny Pagni will be linked here

Speaking Arrangements are currently managed by Micki Thomas

Special Events are managed by Tami Harbolt


New and Current VisitingTeams for 2021

Micki Thomas & Leo
Micki Thomas & Leo
Jim Williamson & Maple
Joanne Ferguson & Grace
Joanne Ferguson & Grace
Glenda Marker & Boone
Tami Harbolt & Violet
Tami Harbolt & Violet
Buddy Cutler & Millie
Buddy Cutler & Millie

Available Trained Aides for 2021

Dottie Chapman
Dottie Chapman

Articles of Interest

Latest Video of Interest for Continuing Education Credit

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