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Our next Virtual Membership meeting is Saturday June 13th at 10 am

Members will receive an invitation by email the day before.

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***Do not forward, post or share your Zoom invitation with any one outside of WAGS***

Our Evaluators are working hard to provide online 101 classes.  Be patient as they work on this project!


Corona Virus Update

Facilities, Schools and other Wags Visits are cancelled until further notice!

(all are affected by the Governor’s statement for safety)

Check with your TEAM Leaders for More Information

Quarterly Messages from Our Leadership

From our President Patty Finley

In the three weeks since we were forced to cancel all of our WAGS visits and meetings due to the corona virus and Covid-19, our sense of who we are, what we do, who we serve, and where we can and cannot go has been altered in ways no one ever dreamed possible......Read More   



From Our Founder Linda Laun

Hello Fellow WAGGERS. The past 20 years in WAGS has made me so much more aware of the needs of a dog that is going to do pet therapy work that I could write a book, but for now, I will stick to this column. .....  Read More  




From our Evaluators

Dottie Chapman speaks :

Hello fellow WAGGERS,  Hard to believe we have entered the month of May and our second month of preparing for a Zoom meeting. How things have changed. It has been fun watching Facebook to see all the cute pictures of our dogs missing their visits.....READ MORE

Spring is here! 

 Be patient as TEAMS  have "not" been given the permission to enter facilities again.   


Facility Coordinators are asking you to stay in place and let your pet reward you daily.


         Message from Diane Atherton

I’m sad Bree and I can’t visit anyone until safer circumstances. Her new improved shoulder carrier arrived right before we were told to stay home.  I look forward to happier times when we can all resume our WAGS duties.  Stay safe!


        Message from Roslynn & Larry Curtis

“Larry and I hope you and your families are doing well. Please feel free to reach out to other members- it helps to brighten the day with the encouragement and support of friends. Be safe and prudent in your everyday decisions and keep positive thoughts that ’this too shall pass” Love and blessings to all of you"


 ONE TIME & SPECIAL EVENTS  and Speaking Arrangements      Message from Tami Harbolt

I know you are as disappointed as I that we won't get to be in the Easter Parade, or Derby Festival, or visit our kids during finals this year. This has been a tough and trying time. Violet has taken to sunbathing when she can and walks are even more cherished since she is so used to going places. Trust that we will return to normal and we will reunite and celebrate all of Louisville's festivals and events in happier circumstances as soon as we can. Until then, stay home and be safe. I treasure the friends, both human and animal, in this group and I will continue to give it the time and attention you all deserve when we resume normal operations. Until then, Violet sends you all a big wet kiss and Theo... well..  he'll probably pee on something so we won't ask him. Virtual hugs to all!



Non-Medical Facilities Needing Teams

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 WAGS Virtual Membership Meeting

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Saturday, June 13th,  10am

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When WAGS is cleared by the Governor to resume group gatherings the doors will open at 9:30 to allow for time to visit and get to know others.

The membership meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 330 N. Hubbards Lane. 

If you can come early to set up or stay late to help clean up, it would be greatly appreciated!


Continuing Ed for credit hours follows the meeting at

St. Matthews Episcopal Church

is on "HOLD" for

Corona Virus precautions

All events are cancelled due to Corona Virus

If you have any questions

contact a Board Member or Committee Chairperson

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Next 101 Dates

Our first "virtual" 101 has being tested and was successful. Our next virtual 101 TBA 

Next Evaluation Dates

Cancelled until further notice

The Next WAGS Board meeting is May

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