Julie and Bailey

Stories from Our Volunteers

Meet Linda!

Get to know more about our WAGS founder!

Meet Rusty and Gail!

Rusty, an Australian shepherd kept Gail pretty busy as she taught him to be a therapy dog.

Meet Leo and Micki!

Get to know the woman who has held more WAGS positions than time allows!

Meet Millie and Buddy!

Buddy and Millie are quite a team!

Meet Maggie and Nancy!

Nancy and Maggie have had many wonderful adventures!

Meet Chris & Nala!

Learn what the Fulkerson Family learned about the important things in life from Nala!


Meet Our Community Heroes

Doctors, Nurses, Facility Staff, Teachers, School Staff, Therapists, Firemen, Officers, EMT's

Photo Contribution by Leigh Photography                                

Tributes to Past Heroes 

Meet Topper!

It was easy for this guy to win hearts!

Meet Conan!

Conan may have started out as a handful, but he soon understood his job and touched so many lives!

Meet Indy!

Indy, our Angel in Disguise

Meet Vader!

One BIG ball of fun!

Meet Tango & Romeo!

These two mastiffs were gentle giants who helped so many people in need!