August 2021

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1  Messages from the Leadership

2  Fun with WAGS Members

3  Upcoming Dates

4  Facility Reporting

5 Teams, Teams and Teams

6 Available Trained Aide List

7  Miscellaneous



                                  NEW NOTICE  

Cancellation of "In-Person Meetings"

Our August 28th  Membership Meeting is by ZOOM only

also Our Sept 25th Membership Meeting is by Zoom only


Quarterly Messages From Our Leadership

Hello WAGS Members!

I hope you enjoy our first Quarterly Newsletter!   In the midst of the Covid surge over the last weeks, our WAGS organization continues to thrive.   We have had a steady growth of new members, attending both Orientation and WAGS 101.   Ambassador teams are scheduled for the upcoming evaluations in August and September.    There has been screening of new facilities, and we continue to receive requests from facilities across the Louisville metro area.   I feel confident that we will weather the Covid storm and emerge as an even stronger organization.    There will be a few bumps along the way, as our facilities and ambassador teams adjust to the ever-changing environment.  The gift we bring to the community has never been more evident.   Many thanks to our Board of Directors, Chairpersons and all the many volunteers who continue to work behind the scenes to keep the engine running.   It continues to amaze me that we are a 100% volunteer organization, yet we are able to accomplish so much!  I'm so proud to be a part of WAGS, and I know you are, too!

Your WAGS President,  Micki Thomas

To read our Founder's Note - Linda Laun  please click HERE



Our first outdoor WAGS Membership Gathering on June 12th

What pet had more fun? It was hard to tell since everyone was actively participating!  Such talent was discovered during this gathering of fun and games. Sorry if you missed this, so we have included these photos.


Both shade and sunshine made the gathering perfect for getting WAGS gathered as a community with shared interests.


See our members relaxing and waiting for our President's Message.





Kudos to members who donated their time, tents, talents, pet agility

stations and more for the day. Thank you, Shannon Wells for your

photography services for WAGS badges.  We hope to do this again

for a future meeting.




The WAGS Board has awarded Karen Albers our Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

Welcome Our New Members for 2021

List provided by Judy Thomas

Diana Brian

Patricia Carney

Michelle Clark

Dorene Collins

Sharon Doerr

Sabrina D’Souza

Melissa Gernert

Stephanie Graney

Tracey Hagan

Gail Hensen

Te’zha Jones


Tabitha Kerr

Amber Korte

Kaylee Korte

Tim Korte

Gerrie Leppert

Nate Linse

Alicia Miiller

Lisa Murner

Catherine Noe

Emma Noe

Shelley Noe

Tess Noe


Christian Porod

Daphne Powell

Stacey Powell

Kennette Rightnour

Betty Schuetter

Annette Sliwa

Caz Sliwa

Dawne Swank

Kristi U’Sellis

Hailey Wachter

Tracey Wachter


Stephanie Williams

Mackenzie Gibson

Glen Gibson

Lisa Witten-Gibson

Lesley Henry

Kyndall Smith

James Sapienza

Charla Price

Christine Anderson



Next 101 Dates

 Our next virtual 101 

 Nov 29th (Apply in Step 2)

Next Evaluation Dates

ERL Oct 9th (apply in Step 8)

New Evaluations  September 25th

(apply in Step 4)

The Next Special Event HERE

Next WAGS Meet up  (check Facebook)

  Keep Your Pups in Training & Ready to Sign Up

Covid Approved Facilities are Happening as We Speak


Tara Davis is taking over as the Chairperson for Facilities.

Much thanks to Jenny Pagni our 1st VP who worked hard on facilities  in 2021.

Ambassador TEAMS and TEAM Leaders are Needed

If you are interested in visiting these facilities, please reach out to the Team Leaders:

  • Airport - Linda Laun
  • Baptist Health St. Matthews - Jenny Pagni
  • Baptist Health Floyd - Nancy Anderson
  • Morning Point (Personal Care or Memory Care) -  Sharon McDermott
  • Althenheim  - Jim Williamson
  • Masonic Home  - Glenda Marker
  • Magnolia Springs East Senior Living - Joanne Furguson
  • The Forum at Brookside - Anne Diemer


New Facilities needing Team Leaders and Ambassador Teams:

  • Hopebridge Autism Center - Level 2 - Needing 1 year of experience
  • Dominion Senior Living - Level 1 - Independent/Active Seniors
  • Magnolia Springs Senior Living - Level 1 - Needing Team Leader

Contact: Jenny Pagni -

Current Facility Approved Visiting Teams for 2021

Micki Thomas & Leo
Micki Thomas & Leo
Buddy Cutler & Millie
Joanne Ferguson & Grace
Joanne Ferguson & Grace
Glenda Marker & Boone
Glenda Marker & Boone
Nancy Anderson & Maggie Mae
Nancy Anderson & Maggie Mae
Sharon McDermott & Luna
Sharon McDermott & Luna
Judy Thomas & Spenser
Judy Thomas & Spenser
Jenny Pagni & Ruby
Jenny Pagni & Ruby
Tami Harbolt & Violet
Tami Harbolt & Violet
Jim Williamson & Maple
Jim Williamson & Maple
Ann Duffin's Luna
Ann Duffin's Luna


Louisville International Airport Teams

Linda Laun & Penny
Linda Laun & Penny
Sandy Kleinhenz & Blue
Sandy Kleinhenz & Blue
Tara Davis & Comet
Tara Davis & Comet
Elaine Farris & Cricket
Elaine Farris & Cricket
Sharon McDermott & Luna
Sharon McDermott & Luna
Jennifer Smith  & JuJu
Jennifer Smith & JuJu
Just get me there!
Just get me there!

Newly Certified Teams for 2021

Patti Finley & Ripple
Patti Finley & Ripple
Tami Harbolt & Theo
Tami Harbolt & Theo
Nita Duechle & Julep
Nita Duechle & Julep

Recertified (ERL) Teams for 2021

Since October of 2020 through August1, 2021 there have been 34 Teams passing the ERL (Express Renewal Lite).  Congratulations to these teams and much thanks to the Evaluators and volunteers who made this happen.

Click HERE to download the names and pets who passed the ERL certification. In your downloads folder click on  2021_Team_Ren.pdf to view


Available Trained Aide List

Janet Dieruf
Kathleen Duane
Melissa Gernert
Marcelle Gianelloni
Terry Graney
Patty Hampton
Karen Harding
Gail Henson
Sandra Krekel
Donna Lile
Jill Mangold
Pat McCullough
Lesley Portano
Gwen Ronald
Dawne Swank
Hailey Wachter

Lydia Wehrli

Melanie  Broughton


Videos of the New Standard Evaluation on July 28, 2021

Tami and Theo Carried Pet

Patti and Ripple


Video for Continuing Education Credit

101 Lite Continuing Ed Credit

Take the Test HERE for Credit

Leadership & IT Volunteers Needed

Contact Buddy Cutler at

or fill out and submit this form HERE

Joining to Certification

Review the 9 Step process HERE.

WAGS Store

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