February 2021

Hello fellow Waggers from your Evaluator Committee.

Here we are in the second month of 2021.  We sure miss seeing everyone. Our committee has managed to stay busy the first part of this year and we have some exciting news for you. We are working out the final kinks to be able to schedule our first WAGS 101 Zoom class since May of last year. We have it scheduled for Wednesday March 24th at 6pm using the Zoom format. Please contact Martha Raymer at  wag101@kywags.org or call her at 502-655-0203. She will be able to register you for the class. Now is the time to be reviewing the information in your Working with WAGS Manual. At the beginning of March, those who are registered for the class, will be receiving an email with all the information needed  to be ready for the 101 class.

As for the Ambassador teams that will be expiring this year, be on the lookout for some emails with information on renewals. Always remember to check your spam for emails. We are planning to hold Express Renewal Lights (ERL) again this year. COVID has had us working on being creative.

For those who have completed orientation and 101 and need to observe or help with an evaluation before being able to be evaluated with your own pet, you will have the opportunity to help as volunteers for the ERL’s this year to meet those requirements. I am aware there are lot that fall into the category of needing and wanting to help with evaluations to be able to move forward when the time arrives. The big caveat is COVID-19. We are rounding the corner and the vaccines are rolling out. Still as we look to scheduling the ERL’s and recruiting volunteers, we need to be aware of the positivity rates in the community and the number of people allowed at one venue. Please realize we want to keep everyone safe as we move forward.

Currently, we still don’t have a date to be able to conduct the standard evaluations, but we are hopeful to have some positive indicators to be able to schedule them. We are closely watching the COVID vaccine roll out and the positivity rates in the state and in Jefferson County.

Upcoming Express Renewals

All Teams that have expired in 2020, and those teams that will expire in 2021, will be receiving emails regarding options for renewing.  Teams will be offered the opportunity to participate in an Express Renewal Light (ERL).

ERL’s will allow the Evaluator Committee to see you and your pet in action and help you get comfortable with the changes due to CDC guidelines. The ERL will consist of several key items:

  • Scenarios set up to observe you interacting with volunteers
  • Make sure that your WAGS bag meets the new requirements
  • Review of the new COVID-19 Protocols

Emails will be going out in phases to all Teams based upon expiration date.

Please respond quickly to the email so we can coordinate the ERL’s as efficiently as possible


The Evaluator Committee