WAGS News Letter

Our next Virtual Membership meeting is Saturday Nov 14th at 10 am

Members will receive an invitation by email the day before.

Click HERE to get Instructions for your 1st  Zoom  Invitation  

***Do not forward, post or share your Zoom invitation with any one outside of WAGS***



(Check out the rules on Facebook!)

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WAGS Holiday Gift Exchange 2020

Secret Santa

  • Gift limit of $20, purchased or handmade! Gift can absolutely be less than $20.
  • Can but does not have to be animal-related
  • Gifter is anonymous

Sign up through Signup Genius at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0a4eaeaa2ca3f85-2020

  • Name, email, mailing address
  • Animal’s name, breed/species, collar/body measurements –if you have more than one animal you can list multiple with the understanding that you will probably only receive a gift for one.
  • Favorite color(s)
  • Must sign-up no later than Monday November 23 rd.

Everyone is randomly assigned someone who has signed up

WAGS will mail an envelope to each participant containing:

  • Blank Holiday Card
  • A note from WAGS with:
    • their assigned Wagger’s info (listed above)
    • Instructions and dates
  • A Feeder’s Supply gift card ($5)
    • This can be kept by the Wagger or used to purchase their Secret Santa gift

Each participant will:

  • Wrap gift
  • Write a note to their Wagger in the card they received
  • Mail gift and card to their assigned Wagger
  • Must be mailed or secretly delivered no later than Monday, December 14th


It is that time of year for a NEW BOARD to be formed.  A Nominating Committee is being formed to fill 5 positions.  REMEMBER this organization is a Volunteer Organization so please consider possibly increasing your time commitment.  You may step up and nominate yourself.  If you have interest/desire in any of the following positions please contact:

Rose Drennen     502-262-3867           mal2@kywags.org

Jenni Pagni          502-287-3688           mal1@kywags.org



  Voicemail Monitor

    Volunteers to help with the Membership & Facilities Committees

Download the job Description HERE or talk to one of the officers in the current positions.

If you would like to volunteer on any committee or activity fill out this form   VOLUNTEER

WAGS Membership Mandatory Waiver Signing 

Click HERE to sign the Waiver

that will be required for you to attend all WAGS events in the future,

including facility visitation, in-person meetings, and special events.

Corona Virus Update

Check for + COVID Facilities   HERE   or see more on  the Kentucky COVID 19 Website

 CDC Guidelines for Pet Therapy HERE 

Our Covid Committee is making recommendations that reflect safety for Everyone

Team Leaders check out this VIDEO!

TEAM LEADERS Can send this video to their facilities!

Just copy and send this link in a personal email.


101 and Orientation classes are now  offered as online ZOOM  classes.

Continuing Ed is now offered as online "You Tube" videos.

Brief Announcements and Updates

ANNOUNCING THE NEW SPOTLIGHT - BRAGS, BOASTS (and other pet information)

This will be an area where we will announce information concerning our pets such as - awards, new 'siblings', retirements and even could consider obituaries.  Information should be forwarded to newsletter@kywags.org.  Send a picture which we can then make into a thumbnail to publish.  Examples follow:

  1. Ripple (Patti Baizel Finley) received her CGC award October 2020.
  2. Pocki (Frances & Jeff Burton) received her CGC award October 2020.
  3. The Unofficial 'WAGS BERNER CLUB' at the Parklands 11/7/20 (Pocki [Jeff], Ripple [Patti], Kenta [Frances}, Blue [Sandy]). Picture below:
Berner Club Parklands(c1) 11072020

WAGS Compassion Committee

During this time when we are not able to meet in person, it's more important than ever for us to stay connected and support each other!  If you know of a WAGS member/pet that could use some encouragement or support, the WAGS Compassion Committee is willing and able to spring into action!  Please contact Micki Thomas at 1vp@kywags.org and we will do the rest.


Record a video Reading with a Pet

Tami Harbolt is wanting members to record a video that WAGS can then allow teachers, libraries and other select people use for children.  These videos will be placed on a private YouTube channel.  She provided tips, tricks, book ideas, length of videos and best practices at the June 13th membership meeting.  Instructions will be put up in our MEMBER ACCOUNT Page.


To submit announcements email them to newsletter@kywags.org

Messages from Our BOARD

From our President, Patti Finley

Dear WAGS Members,

Since my last letter, so much has happened behind the scenes in WAGS! I am so proud to be your president in this uncertain time. Our organization has done more these past four months to stay safe, stay healthy, and stay engaged than any other pet therapy program I am aware of. Members have:

  • stepped up to help on committees
  • learned how to participate in virtual meetings via Zoom
  • kept up continuing education with our own WAGS videos and other webinars
  • made masks
  • and participated in fun activities such as the photo contest

READ MORE ..........


WAGS Pet Therapy of KY, Inc. believes that connections can be forged through the positive and loving interactions between people and companion animals. Our mission is to promote the human animal bond in all aspects of daily life and to weave the presence of positive role models into every part of the regional community. In keeping with that mission, we promote and support the dignity of every human being and their need for attachment, affection, and peace.  We do not support any form of racism or interpersonal violence, be it institutional or otherwise.  We recognize that we can use our role in the community to provide loving connections with people who have been historically marginalized.

Although we have been dormant due to the risk of infection from Covid-19, we are committed to offering comfort and connection to the Greater Louisville region once the current pandemic abates. Our hearts ache for those who have lost loved ones. Our hearts yearn to comfort you in this time of crisis and change. Although we promote our caring through a healthy interaction with a trained therapy pet, at the other end of every leash is a human who recognizes the inherent worth of every member of our shared community. We pray for peace and comfort and we will see you all soon.

From our Evaluators

September 2020

Hello Waggers!

Hard to believe it has been 7 months since we have been able to meet in person. We had some successful meetups in the parks. We are hopeful to continue  when the weather is cooler.

For the past month we have been diligently working on getting the Express Renewal Lights (ERL) set up and ready to test the teams that were expiring this year and wished to participate.


 WAGS Virtual Membership Meeting

by "ZOOM" invitation

Saturday, Nov 14th,  10am

Our Continuing Ed is Online Now

click HERE

Also Conveniently linked on your "My Account" Page

Meet Ups

optional TEAM "Meet Ups"

are ready on SIgnUp Genius

When WAGS is cleared by the Governor to resume group gatherings the doors will open at 9:30 to allow for time to visit and get to know others.

The membership meeting begins at 10:00 a.m.

St. Matthews Episcopal Church, 330 N. Hubbards Lane. 

If you can come early to set up or stay late to help clean up, it would be greatly appreciated!


Continuing Ed for credit hours follows the meeting at

St. Matthews Episcopal Church

is on "HOLD" for

Corona Virus precautions

All events are cancelled due to Corona Virus

If you have any questions

contact a Board Member or Committee Chairperson

for more information 

See who is on other WAGS LISTS

  2020 New & Renewed Teams  / Trained Aides  

WAGS has changed the Facility list and we no longer have active facilities

As we reopen over the rest of the 2020 year the COVID COMMITTEE

will reassign each facility as "ACTIVE-COVID APPROVED" when they meet our safety and mandatory protocols.

You may still keep the same facilities and appeal to your facility for a reopening date for pet therapy.

Use the 2020 Time App for Continuing Ed

To get your personal TIME APP  for 2020  email:  Time@kywags.org

Get new instructions for 2020 APPS below

2020 Time           IPhone APP    /      Android APP 

      FALL is here but it still has a slight feel of SUMMER! 

 Be patient as TEAMS  have "not" been given

the permission to enter facilities again.   

Facility Coordinators are asking you to stay in place and

let your pet reward you daily. You might try our Sign-Up Genius

"Meet Ups" to train your pet and stay connected!

In order to attend "Meet Ups",  you MUST sign our Waiver for the Covid-19 Liability Release.  Sign it below if you like.

Waiver for Covid-19 Liability Release


OUR Covid Committee is working to approve the status of your facilities one at a time.  Our membership meetings explain this process.  Until your facility is ACTIVE-COVID APPROVED  you cannot re-enter as a WAGS TEAM. Please make an effort to attend these Saturday meetings on Zoom. You will be sent the Zoom link 1-2 days before each monthly meeting.  Hope to see you there!

WAGS is working on approving it's first COVID APPROVED Facility

Next 101 Dates

Our first "virtual" 101 has being tested and was successful. Our next virtual 101 TBA 

Next Evaluation Dates

Cancelled until further notice

Express Renewal Lite has

18 Teams for October

The Next WAGS Board meeting is May

"Virtual"  by ZOOM invitation 

Videos to share with you

Leadership and IT Volunteers Needed

Contact Jenny Pagni at  mal1@kywags.org

or fill out and submit this form HERE

Joining to Certification

Review the 9 Step process HERE.

WAGS Store

Your Working with WAGS Manual

can be ordered  HERE  and

pick up will be arranged.