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Special Events

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Team Leaders wanting to help your WAGS family

and be the first in 2021 to approve your past facility

Contact Jenny Pagni to help her with paper work!



Hound History with Tami Harbolt:  RETURNS NEXT MONTH WITH NEW SUBMISSION!!!!!!!

ARCHIVE of previous articles coming soon!!!!!


  • We will be providing a Grief Resource Library to WAGS members.   The library was developed and graciously shared by Joy Berger, our fellow WAGS member.   You may remember Joy's CE last year on dealing with the loss of a pet.   We will add a link to the 'Members Only' section on the website in the next week or two, and will be playing an excerpt of one of the videos "Covid's Grief" in the membership zoom meeting this Saturday.   Thank you Joy, for sharing your expertise with us.   I know this will be a help to many of us.   


Shannon Wells graciously volunteered to do headshots (with and/or without pets) for your NEW badge at JUNE 12th Outdoor General Meeting   There will be no charge to members.  For Questions email (shannon@leighphoto.net) or call (502-266-5504)

The WAGS Compassion Committee is here for you

We are here to provide a network of support to our members during times of loss, illness, or personal struggles.  

For those needing support for yourself, a friend, or a loved one please contact Jenny Pagni via the Compassion Committee.

Email your name, the name if other than yourself, your relationship and how we can support you.  1vp@kywags.org

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members”  - Coretta Scott King 


FOR Questions on 2021 TIME APP  email:  Time@kywags.org

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MAIL TO: Linda Carden

3008 Pelham Ct.

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Messages from Our BOARD

Any  member can observe and attend our monthly BOARD MEETINGS by submitting your request to Micki Thomas pres@kywags.org

 You may also contact Buddy Cutler or Kathleen Duane as your representative on the Board

mal1@kywags.org or mal2@kywags.org

We encourage your ideas and involvement with WAGS

May 2021

Hello fellow Waggers,

Since the last newsletter, your evaluator committee has continued to work on getting things ready for the Express Renewal Lights in June and a small number of us met to work on the new standard evaluation. Currently it is still a work in progress. We are fine tuning things and practicing the scenarios and working with a new scoresheet.  Our goal is to offer the standard evaluation in August.

We continue to offer meetups in the park and if you attend be sure to count that as a CE (continuing education).

We conducted a Zoom WAGS 101 class on April 21 and had 6 new people attend the class. The next 101 class will be by Zoom on May 26 at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in attending that class, please contact Martha Raymer at wag101@kywags.org.

READ MUCH MORE . . . . .


Judy Thomas is requesting that all members review their data in NEON by either logging in or emailing her at membership@kywags.org.

The information to check is :

  1. Date of birth
  2. Gender
  3. Home address
  4. Household contacts
  5. Phone number(s)
  6. Email address


WAGS Pet Therapy of KY, Inc. believes that connections can be forged through the positive and loving interactions between people and companion animals. Our mission is to promote the human animal bond in all aspects of daily life and to weave the presence of positive role models into every part of the regional community. In keeping with that mission, we promote and support the dignity of every human being and their need for attachment, affection, and peace.  We do not support any form of racism or interpersonal violence, be it institutional or otherwise.  We recognize that we can use our role in the community to provide loving connections with people who have been historically marginalized.

Although we have been dormant due to the risk of infection from Covid-19, we are committed to offering comfort and connection to the Greater Louisville region once the current pandemic abates. Our hearts ache for those who have lost loved ones. Our hearts yearn to comfort you in this time of crisis and change. Although we promote our caring through a healthy interaction with a trained therapy pet, at the other end of every leash is a human who recognizes the inherent worth of every member of our shared community. We pray for peace and comfort and we will see you all soon.

WAGS follows current CDC Guidelines for Meetings and Visits to Facilities

Our WAGS Waiver is constantly updated. WAGS now recommends a quarantine of 14 days and not 21 days;  when there has been recent close contact with a Covid + individual  (unless fully vaccinated or individual was Covid +  3 months prior to event).

ALL Members are required to sign the Liability Waiver understanding changes will reflect CDC  changing guidelines.


Click HERE to sign the Waiver

Looking for a Training Class?  Here's a quick update on trainers...

(*WAGS Member)

  1. * Good Job Dogs (Kait Seyal) is currently not offering in-person classes.  However, she is leading virtual group classes through the Kentucky Humane Society and has her weekly radio show (Sit, Stay, Listen) on WFMP 106.5FM.
  2. * Happy Tails (Linda Laun) is offering in-person and virtual classes at many of the Feeder's Supply stores. Therapy Dog Prep class  Tuesday March 16th, 6:30 to 8PM  4 weeks  Hikes Point Feeders supply.  register at www.feederssupply.com  WAGS members get a $10 discount off the $94 fee.  2 openings left.  For more info contact me at happytails@laun.win.net or 502-491-8365
  3. * The Canine Professor (Cherie Beattie) will be starting a virtual group class on March 15th.  She is doing private outdoor lessons and plans to go to in-person group classes in May.
  4. * Gentle Dog Training (Kim Mahlbacher) is teaching private lessons outside.  She likes to meet up at Anchorage Trail or can come to your home.
  5. * Agility Cues for You (Marilyn Donion Gormley) has indoor group classes.  The next group of classes will begin March 15th or March 24th.
  6. * Woofsong Dog Training (Peggy Modjeski) is offering private training for basic obedience and behavioral challenges but has not resumed group classes yet.
  7. 4 Paws Pet Training (Kath McClelan) is offering private training for dogs/cats and she is teaching some in-person group dog training at the Kentucky Humane Society.
  8. The Dog School of Louisville (Lisa Domeck) will be opening April 4th with inside group classes.
  9. Almost Home Boarding and Training (Katie Peckenpaugh) will hopefully be resuming classes in April.
  10. Competitive Edge Agility and Dog Sports is running some indoor group classes.

(This is by no means meant to be a complete or an elite WAGS list.  The list was compiled initially by Jenny Pagni as a resource.)

Brief Announcements and Updates

BRAGS, BOASTS (and other pet information)

This will be an area where we will announce information concerning our pets such as - awards, new 'siblings', retirements and even could consider obituaries.  Information should be forwarded to newsletter@kywags.org.  Send a picture which we can then make into a thumbnail to publish.


Kait Whistler Seyal:  I recently launched a radio show with the Kentucky Humane Society on FORward radio 106.5 FM about pet training, behavior, and special topics in the Louisville community.  Sit, Stay, Listen airs weekly on Sundays at 12:30PM and the re-runs on Mondays at 7:30am and Tuesdays at 11am.  You can tune in on the radio, live stream on the website forwardradio.org or listen on demand on the show’s website below.  I'll take calls and answers questions on dog training and behavior.  Thank you so much for all of your support and don’t worry, there will definitely be a WAGS episode in the future!!    https://www.forwardradio.org/sit-stay-listen

ARCHIVE FILES coming soon!!!!

  1. Ripple (Patti Baizel Finley) received her CGC award October 2020.
  2. Pocki (Frances & Jeff Burton) received her CGC award October 2020.
  3. The Unofficial 'WAGS BERNER CLUB' at the Parklands 11/7/20 (Pocki [Jeff], Ripple [Patti], Kenta [Frances}, Blue [Sandy]). Picture below:
Berner Club Parklands(c1) 11072020

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