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WAGS (Wonderful Animals Giving Support) Pet Therapy of Kentucky, Inc.

is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing animal assisted therapy

to the Greater Louisville area since 1999.

 WAGS visit's have now re-opened 

Check out the 2 CDC sites that we follow for Covid Safety

Guidelines For Humans       For Therapy Pets

Facilities, Schools and those interested in Wags Visits can now see our new policies!

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Mission Statement

To utilize the relationship between humans and animals to enhance health, independence and quality of life.

To extend the opportunity for animal-assisted therapy and animal-assisted activities to more people.

To reduce barriers that prevent involvement of animals in everyday life.

To expand awareness of the positive effect animals can have on humanity.

Monthly Meeting Location

We plan meeting again in-person after the variant surge is over!

Check the schedule here Events Schedule

We have launched a Pet Therapy Airport Project with the Louisville Airport.

Our current involvement is consistent Covid surges

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WAGS members believe in the special – often healing – bond between people and animals.  To accomplish this goal, WAGS Ambassador teams have volunteered thousands of hours in over 110 facilities in the Kentuckiana area providing animal-assisted activities and animal-assisted therapy. Participation by over 250 WAGS members lends opportunity to give back to the community and share their wonderful, loving pets with those in need bringing both companionship and therapy.

Wags commitment provides services to all people regardless of their age, sex, race, mental or physical limitations, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.


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