Overview of Express Renewal 

(Items we will be evaluating on the Express Renewal)

You are allowed to use treats on your visit

  1. Did team arrive on time?
  2. Was handler dressed appropriately?
  3. Was handler wearing proper ID (your badge)?
  4. Was pet groomed appropriately?
  5. How did the team enter the facility?
  6. Was pet wearing approved and appropriate level of equipment?
  7. WAGS bag checklist for your Express Renewal (highly suggest you include optional items too if possible)

__Facility contact information

__ WAGS incident report form

__   Copy of “Procedure for handling an incident”

__  Pet’s current vaccination records

__ Water and dish

__ Clean up materials (plastic bags, paper towels etc.)

__ Hand sanitizer

__ Disinfectant wipes (e.g. Clorox to clean up any accidents that may occur)

__ Wet wipes or pre-moistened bath towelettes to clean pet after visitation

Optional Items:

__  Treats                                                         ___sticky roller brush

__  extra 4-foot leash.                                       ___appropriate brush

__ WAGS logo wear self/pet

__ Towel to wipe pet’s feet in case of inclement weather


  1. Does the dog perform the “sit”?
  2. Does the dog perform the “down”?
  3. Taking a treat, is handler able to give proper instructions: and how does the dog take the treat?
  4. Able to perform “leave it”
  5. Sociability of the handler.
  6. Sociability of the animal.
  7. Visitation skills of the team.
  8. Bonus points for cue-based behaviors, e.g., paws up, backup, cued by a patient, visit, etc.