Time FAQ’s


Why do I have to record and submit my hours to WAGS?

From the Working With Wags Manual:

WAGS relies on our volunteers to help us track our work in the community. We ask that our volunteers record and report the places that they visit and the amount of time that they spend on that visit. There are visiting and non visiting hours that count.

WAGS visiting team members must document the number of visitation hours they have completed. This is required by WAGS for registration renewal. WAGS also tracks the number of visitation hours annually (1/1 thru 12/31).

Express Renewal’ is an observed visit in lieu of WAGS Ambassador Evaluation. To be eligible for Express Renewal, the member is required to have completed 10 visits within the fiscal year, and must meet continuing education/training requirements as listed in #10.

All visiting teams will participate in continuing education/training twice a year, one of which 
must include hands-on exercises with the pet. This may include, but is not limited to, WAGS 
continuing education sessions.

We record and submit our hours because it is a requirement and obligation of membership our organization. But even more importantly, we do it because we care about WAGS. Collecting current data is critical to grant writing, and program planning and review.

What time do I track and submit?

There are two categories of hours:

Visiting – any time you visit in an approved WAGS facility. This can be with your pet, as a trained aide with an Ambassador Team, or auditing a facility. Time is kept from when you arrive at the site until you leave.

Non-Visiting – everything else you do for or as part of WAGS. These hours include:

  • Round Trip Travel time for any WAGS activity
  • Attendance at: Membership Meetings, Board Meetings, WAGS committee meetings, Continuing Education, WAGS classes such as Orientation and 101
  • Work you do to support the organization such as: emails, phone calls, material preparation, room setup/take down, community speaking, counseling members, work at evaluation sessions, record keeping
  • Grooming your pet for a visit
  • Any other Non-Visit Activity

How are hours expressed?

All partial hours should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour and expressed as a decimal. (Fifteen Minutes = .25; Thirty Minutes = .5; Forty-five Minutes = .75). Do not include the word hours.

How do I record and submit my hours?

There’s an APP for that!   For 2019 there are two WAGS Time Apps – SUBMIT and View. These two little apps will go on your smart phone (or tablet, or computer).   They are personalized just for you. With just a few quick taps, you will be able to enter your time for anything WAGS. No more calendars, spreadsheets, or emails to keep up with. No waiting until January of 2020, and trying to reconstruct all the hard work and time you spent for WAGS in 2019.


How do I get the apps? What do they cost?

You will receive an email from time@kywags.org. It gives basic information about the apps and will contain two links - one for SUBMIT and one for VIEW. There are instructions attached to the email with instructions on how to put them on your smart phone. If you have lost that email, just contact Linda Carden at time@kywags.org and she will send them to you.

How often do I need to submit my hours?

We are strongly encouraging members to submit time for facility visits as soon as it is done. Once you have the app on your phone, it takes less than a minute to enter your visit time, round trip travel time, and grooming time if appropriate. Make the submission before you leave the parking lot. Please do the same for any non-visiting event or meeting.

For those who do lots of things in the category Time Spent to Support WAGS Work, consider turning in those hours weekly or monthly. When you don’t turn in hours on the day the work was done, please give a time frame for when the work was done on the line If any of the time you entered above is for a date other than today, please indicate when or for what period of time.

Example: Time Spent So Support Wags Work   25
…please indicate when or for what period of time   month of March


What if my phone crashes or is lost? How do I know that my data is safe?

The data is not on your device, but in the cloud. It is backed up daily. We even have backups of backups! If you lose your phone, get a new one, or didn’t keep the original email, just contact time@kywags.org. No big deal.

I made a mistake on a submission. Can I edit it?

Members cannot edit data once it i submitted (it’s a security thing). However, send an email or call Linda Carden (the contact information is near the top of your SUBMIT App) describing the problem and she will make the correction for you.

The VIEW App only shows me a summary. Can I see the full details for what I have submitted?

If you want a detailed copy of what you have submitted, contact time@kywags.org and Linda will send you a copy with details (it won’t be pretty, but all of your data will be included.


I really don’t like technology, MUST I do my time reporting this way?

I know what you mean - there are days I don’t like technology either. We are asking that everyone please give this a try. But if you don’t have a smart phone, tablet or computer and/or don’t think this is for you, please contact Linda Carden time@kywags.org or 267-6047 she will work out an alternate collection method for you.


Can you make the app do _________??????

We welcome all suggestions. If possible, they will be included in future updates of the apps. Send them to time@kywags.org. (We’re already working on two that have been sent.)



Instructions for putting the APPS on your devices.
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