Your Mentored Visit With Instructions

Your Mentored Visit with Instructions

Facilities Available for the Mentored Visit

(March 1, 2023)

To help facilitate the scheduling of your Mentored Visit, please go to step 5 “Your Mentored Visit” on the members only section of the website. You may schedule your mentored visit by checking “Apply here.”

Please complete your mentored visit within six (6) months of completing your evaluation. If you have not completed your mentored visit within six (6) months, you will need to repeat the evaluation. Any extenuating circumstances will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Remember the criteria for visiting safely and packing your bag properly.

        1. Anthology Senior Living Facility 1105 Dorsey Ln. Louisville, KY 40223

This is an assisted living facility. The visits will take place on the 1st floor visiting with residents in their rooms and in a common area. Masks are required. The visits are available Tuesday through Fridays at 10:30 am or 1:30 pm.

        2. Louisville International Airport

Mentored visits will be available on Thursday or Sunday evenings by appointment. Other times may be available as well. Parking will be vouchered by the airport. Masks are not required. Visits will take place in the public space where no TSA screening is required such as the shopping areas, baggage, claim and ticketing areas. Pet potty areas is in the front of the terminal on the ground floor. There are elevators and stairs. Park in the garage areas or the surface area. There may be working dogs in the area such as service dogs or police dogs.

       3. Hosparus Administration Building 6200 Dutchman’s Ln. Louisville, KY 40205

You will be visiting with staff and volunteers on the second floor. Your pet needs to be comfortable either going up stairs or riding in the elevator. You may wish to walk up and see how an elevator ride down at the end works. A Hosparus staff member will meet us and guide us through the visit. If fully vaccinated masks are not required.  Visits will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, from 11 am to 1 pm.

       4. Nazareth Home 2000 Newburg Rd. Louisville, KY 40205

Nazareth Home is a long-term care facility that has Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and Rehab, and Memory Care units.  The Mentored Visits will take place in either the Personal Care or Long-Term Care areas.  The available days and times are Wed, Thurs, or Fri 10:00 am to 12:00 noon or from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.  You can park towards the back and there is a grassy area for your dog to potty.  You will meet your mentor in the lobby on the first floor.  There is an area with tables where you will go through your WAGS bag and will end your visit by having your mentor go through the score sheet and give you your final score as well as your level.  You and your mentor will be escorted upstairs via either an elevator or stairs that have sides and backs on them.  Your visit may be with a group of residents and/or with individual residents in their rooms.

You must show proof of Covid Vaccinations and first booster.   If you are over 50 and it has been 4 months since your first booster, you must also have a 2nd booster and show proof of that, too.  You will need the vaccination records of your dog.  Upon entry to the building, you will sign in and have your temperature taken.  You must wear a mask even if you are fully vaccinated.  The facility is following CDC guidelines.  We will provide our own hand sanitizer and Chlorhexidine wipes.  It might be possible that residents’ family members may be bringing in their pets to visit with their loved ones so it is possible that you might encounter another dog in the first floors or elevator. Extra parking is available next door at the Passionist Earth and Spirit Center.

       5. Louisville Post-Acute (formerly Louisville East; Christopher East) 4200 Browns Lane 40220

Conveniently located in Hikes Point. Post-Acute care facility and rehabilitation center. Visits take place in rooms, rehab rooms, and hallways. Masks required; temp taken at entrance. Sunday afternoons, late afternoons and evenings with 1 weeks’ notice.

       6. Academy Sports –Middletown is located at 13401 Shelbyville Road, #140, Middletown, KY 40223. It is at the end of the new shopping center, just off of the Gene Snyder.  Academy Sports is a large retail store open in the evenings and weekends.  This will offer the ability to have your Mentored Visit done on a weekend or evening if necessary.  The store has stairs next to it, hydraulic doors that open, changes in textures where the dogs will walk and people.  The late afternoons and early evenings have a nice number of shoppers available for you to ask if they want to pet your dog and with whom to engage in conversation. There is parking in front of the building and there is a grassy island near Hobby Lobby (2 stores down from Academy Sports), where you can potty your dog.


Overview of Mentored Visit Form for those passing the WAGS Ambassador Evaluation

(Items we will be evaluating on the Mentored Visit)

You are allowed to use treats on your visit

  1. Did team arrive on time?
  2. Was handler wearing proper ID? (the congratulations letter is your ID)
  3. Was handler dressed appropriately?
  4. Was pet groomed appropriately?
  5. Was pet wearing approved equipment?
  6. WAGS bag checklist for your Mentored Visit (highly suggest you pack optional items too if possible)


__ Congratulations letter you received after your evaluation. Please hand to the evaluator as soon as you meet them at the mentored visit location.

__ Name and phone number of the person conducting your mentored visit

 __ copy of WAGS incident report form

__  Handout “Procedure for handling an incident”

__  Pets current vaccination records

__ Water and dish

__ Clean up materials (plastic bags, paper towels etc.)

__ Hand sanitizer

__  Disinfectant wipes e.g. Clorox (to clean up any accidents that may occur)

__  Wet wipes or pre-moistened bath towelettes to clean pet after visitation

 Optional Items:

__extra 4-foot leash.

__  Treats

__ WAGS logo wear self/pet

__ Towel to wipe pet’s feet in case of inclement weather

__Sticky roller brush

__appropriate brush



  1. How did the team enter the facility?
  2. Sociability of the handler.
  3. Sociability of the animal.
  4. Did the team encounter any new situations?
  5. Is this facility a good fit for this team?
  6. Rate overall visitation skills of this team?



 After a successful completion of your mentored visit, please go to Step 6 on the members only website: Instructions for Auditing a Facility to help you choose a facility(s) for regular visits. There you will find the Facility Coordinators to contact to help you navigate how to start visiting. Once you have chosen the facility, contact the Team Leader for an audit. Please let the Team Leader know your visiting schedule. Please be sure to keep your visiting information up to date in the add/drop facility part of Step 6.

Any time you change or stop visiting a facility(s), please let all concerned know so that the records can be kept updated.

If you desire assistance for any reason of a trained aide for your visits, please send an email to