Your Mentored Visit With Instructions

 Facilities Available for the Mentored Visit

(October 2021)

To help facilitate the scheduling of your Mentored Visit, please go to Step 5 “Your Mentored Visit” on the members only section of the website. You may schedule your mentored visit by checking “Apply here”.

Please complete your mentored visit within six (6) months of completing your evaluation. If you have not completed your mentored visit within six (6) months, you will need to repeat the evaluation. Any extenuating circumstance will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Remember the criteria for visiting safely and packing your bag properly.


  1.  Mirazon, 1640 Lyndon Farm Court, Unit 102 Louisville, KY 40223

Mentors:  Dottie Chapman, Patti Finley, Martha Raymer, Nita Duechle

The company has group meetings every Friday 8:00 am -10:00 am. (in the front conference room)

The third Tuesday of each month there is a meeting from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm. (in the back training room)

For more one on one sessions, the third Thursday or Friday of the month.

Mirazon Partner, Karen Albers: Parking is close to the entrance. Tile and carpeted floors. Mirazon is a company that focuses on storage, virtualization, networking, Wi-Fi, Microsoft solutions, disaster recovery and business continuity, and overall technology strategy. The visit will be with the staff throughout the one story facility. Mainly on- on-one visits to cubicles. There could be some group visits if a meeting or training class is in session during the visit. The staff have incredibly stressful jobs and are excited to receive some pet therapy. Like any visit, some of the clients may be on important phone calls and may not be able to visit as you come by their cubicle. Some of the staff (no more than 4) may have their dog with them in their office. Their dog will be put up behind a gate when they know we will be conducting a visit. They are following CDC guidelines. If you are fully vaccinated masks are not required. We will provide our own hand sanitizer and 2% Chlorhexidine wipes.



2.   Louisville International Airport

 Mentors: Linda Laun

Mentored visits with Linda Laun or other WAGS mentors will be available on Thursday or Sunday evenings by appointment.  Other times may be available as well.  Parking will be vouchered by the airport.  Masks are required. Visits will take place in the public spaces where no TSA screening is required such as the shopping areas, baggage claim and ticketing areas.  Pet potty area is in the front of the terminal on the ground floor.  There are elevators and stairs.  Park in the Garage area not surface area.  There may be working dogs in the area such as service dogs and Police dogs.


3.   Hosparus Administration Building, 6200 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40205

Mentors:  Dottie Chapman, Patti Finley

The Hosparus Admin building is at 6200 Dutchmans Lane. The parking is behind the building. Entrance is near the parking lot. The floor type is tile/carpeted. The Lobby area has chairs for us to sit in and review the bag contents. A Hosparus staff person will meet us and guide us through the visit. We will meet the staff we are visiting in the team room on the first floor. They would send out communication that our teams would be there for their visit and the staff that is available will come to the meeting room for some pet therapy.  If fully vaccinated, masks are not required. They do not require proof of vaccination. One person at a time petting and the use of hand sanitizer before and after each person pets the animal and clean any equipment that is touched by an individual other than the handler.  We will provide the hand sanitizer and disinfectant. The visit is mainly one to one with possibly some group visits. Visits will be on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month from 11:00 – 1:00; we would be able to have several teams come through, not together, but staggered during that time. Very little "foot" traffic. Hosparus has a staggered in person office personnel. If they know we are coming they will let staff know so they can be there for the visit.


4.  Mudpies Studio, 12902 Shelbyville Rd, Louisville, KY 40243

Mentors:  Dottie Chapman, Patti Finley, Martha Raymer, Nita Duechle

Mudpies is an art studio and is run by Susan Howe, who teaches adult oil painting classes.   They have classes between 9:30-12:30 Monday-Friday.  They follow the JCPS calendar for most holidays.  The best times for visits are 10:30-12:00.

The building faces Shelbyville Road and has a large Mudpies sign on the front of the building.   It is dark gray siding with black trim and is part of the Frank Otte Nursery property.  Enter through the side door under the large, covered porch.   You may park in any of the spots around the Frank Otte buildings, or in the Commonwealth Bank lot next door.  Mudpies classes consist of 10-15 adult painters located in 4 rooms upstairs.   There are hardwood floors throughout, and 1 ½ flights of fairly steep hardwood stairs that are required to reach the upstairs where the visits take place.  The visit will be with the students and staff throughout the 2nd floor.   Most of the painters are dog lovers and will be very excited to see the dogs.  Note there will be open paint containers sitting on tables, so larger dogs will need to be managed closely to navigate the space. They are following CDC guidelines. If you are fully vaccinated, masks are not required for the staff/students, and most will not be wearing them. We will provide our own hand sanitizer and 2% Chlorhexidine wipes.

5.   Home Depot Several Locations  (Masks Required)

If any of the listed hours do not work for you, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange an alternative.

Mentors:  Linda Laun, Martha Raymer, Patti Finley, Nita Duechle, Dottie Chapman


St. Matthews 964 Breckenridge Lane

Choices Time: Morning (9-11), Afternoon (1-5)

Day: M, W, F

Hurstbourne Rd

2600 S. Hurstbourne Rd.

Choices Time: Morning (9-11), Afternoon (1-5)

Day: M, F


10301 Westport Rd

Choices Time: Morning (9-11), Afternoon (1-5)

Day: M, W, F, and Tuesday’s 1-3


8232 Preston Hwy

Choices Time: Morning (9-11), Afternoon (1-5)

Day: M, W, F


Overview of Mentored Visit Form for those passing the WAGS Ambassador Evaluation

(Items we will be evaluating on the Mentored Visit)


  1. Did Team arrive on time?
  2. Was Handler wearing proper ID?
  3. Was Handler dressed appropriately?
  4. Was pet groomed appropriately?
  5. Was pet wearing approved equipment?
  6. Able to explain how to have a safe visit.


  1.  WAGS bag checklist for your Mentored Visit (Pack your WAGS bag with required items that are CDC compliant)


Required items:  

__ Congratulations letter you received after your evaluation Please hand to the evaluator as soon as you meet them at the Mentored Visit location

__ Name and phone number of the person conducting your mentored visit

__ WAGS Incident Report

__ Handout “Procedures for handling an incident”

__ Pet’s current vaccination records

__ Water and dish

__ Clean up materials (plastic bags, paper, towels)

__ Hand sanitizer

__ Waterless disinfectant cleaner (to clean up any accidents that may occur)

__ 2% Chlorhexidine or acceptable cleaner for leash, collar, and harness

__ Wet wipes or pre-moistened bath towelettes to clean pet after visitation

__ Extra collar and extra 4-foot leash . You “MUST HAVE” an extra leash and collar for your pet.

(The extra leash and collar are to switch out after you complete your visit.)


Optional Items:

__ Treats only you can give to the pet

__ WAGS logo wear self/pet

__ Towel to wipe pet’s feet etc. in case of inclement weather



  1. How did team enter the facility?
  2.  Sociability of Handler.
  3. Sociability of Animal.
  4. Did the Team encounter any new situations?
  5. Is this facility a good fit for this team?
  6. Rate overall visitation skills of this team.





After successful completion of your mentored visit, please contact the Facility/Team Leader Coordinator (Tara Davis, to help you choose a facility(s) for regular visits. Once you have chosen the facility, contact the Team Leader for an audit. Please let Tara and the Team Leader know your visiting schedule.

At any time you change or stop visiting a facility(s), please let all concerned know so that the records can be kept updated.

If you desire the assistance for any reason of a trained aide for your visits, please send an email to .