Packing Your Bags for a Visit

Items listed for your visiting bag.

__ Congratulations letter you received after your evaluation.(for mentored visit) or always wear your team badge for regular visits.

__ Name and phone number of the person conducting your mentored visit or contact phone number of the facility for regular visiting.

 __ WAGS incident report form

__  Handout “Procedure for handling an incident”

__  Pets current vaccination records

__ Water and dish

__ Clean up materials (plastic bags, paper towels etc.)

__ Hand sanitizer

__  Disinfectant wipes e.g. Clorox (to clean up any accidents that may occur)

__  Wet wipes or pre-moistened bath towelettes to clean pet after visitation

Optional Items:

 __extra 4-foot leash.

__  Treats

__ WAGS logo wear self/pet

__ Towel to wipe pet’s feet in case of inclement weather

__Sticky roller brush

__appropriate brush