Packing Your Bags for a Visit

__ WAGS incident report form

__  Handout “Procedure for handling an incident”

__  Pets current vaccination records

__ Water and dish

__ Clean up materials (plastic bags, paper towels etc.)

__ Hand sanitizer

__  Waterless disinfectant cleaner (to clean up any accidents that may occur)

__  2% Chlorhexidine or acceptable cleaner for leash, collar/harness

__ Wet wipes or pre-moistened bath towelettes to clean pet after visitation

__ Extra collar and extra 4-foot leash. You MUST HAVE an extra collar and leash for your pet. (They are used to switch out after you complete your visit)


Optional Items:

 __  Treats only you can give to the pet

__ WAGS logo wear self/pet

__ Towel to wipe pet’s feet in case of inclement weather