Portrait of grey and white chested Dolly

This Was Dolly!


By Tami Harbolt

Dolly was a WAGS dog from 2008 until her death from cancer in 2017. She was adopted from LMAS already missing her back leg- she had been found in an abandoned house with a recent amputation and evidence of a recent litter. Her missing leg made her such an inspiration when we visited people in rehab at Christopher East (now Louisville East). They saw her getting around on three legs and it made them work a little harder.


Dolly was especially skilled at making children happy and accompanied me to many schools and libraries. She passed her WAGS evaluation (then Delta) with flying colors! She went on to be an ambassador for her breed and to teach many children in Louisville how to be safe around dogs.

In 2010, Dolly was chosen as Therapy Dog of the Year by Pet Groups United, a coalition of animal welfare groups all across from KY. After that, she accompanied me to my job at Nativity Academy for weekly visits with the students on their WAGS Monday Reading after school program.

She also got to walk (hop actually) in the Pegasus Parade that year and she was in the Zombie Parade, where her amputation worked out very well!!

Dolly was gentle and funny, silly and inspiring. She was also beautiful and up for any adventure. One of our last trips together was a retreat to Springfield KY where she was able to run off leash. It was one of the best days of her life!   We miss her!