Instructions for Auditing a Facility

You must audit a facility before you can be assigned.

After successful completion of your mentored visit, please reach out to one of our Facility Coordinators. They can assist you in finding a facility that best suits you and then connect you to the team leader to arrange for an audit.

Auditing a facility means visiting without your pet. This gives you the opportunity to observe a team performing a visit. This allows you to assess the environment from the unique perspective of you and your pet to see if it would be a good fit for both of you.

Contact Facility Coordinators

Medical Coordinator: Buddy Culter -

Non Medical Coordinator: Nancy Anderson -

Special Events: Tami Harbolt -

Please note, after you audit a facility and commit to visiting regularly, you will need to ADD that facility to your account (See Step 6 on our website).

If a facility does not have any current teams or team leader, then the facility coordinator will help you set up a time to audit the facility without your pet.

For any additional questions regarding facilities, reach out to